Divine Poetry – Day 31 – Response to the Aubade

[Revisit a favorite prompt and write a response]
Response to the Aubade: Page of Cups, reverse

I worry about sleeping,
About dreaming, about seeing
Something, anything, and everything.
I now run from the world
That I cherish and hold dear.

Did my dreams say goodbye
Or was that me lying to myself?
I have the tendency to throw away
The things that I feel too much for.
Have I abandoned myself
For myself?
It’s a fear I hold every night.


Divine Poetry – Day 29 – Acrostic

[Explore your closest friend]
What makes them special to me? 2 of Wands
What makes me special to them? Page of Coins, reverse
What is our friendship like? The Star, reverse
What do we need to work on? Ace of Swords, reverse

Come to me dear,
Remember how stubborn we both were?
You said we’d either love or kill each other.
Self-destructive tendencies watered us and we grew
Together, and apart, and together
All over again, and again.
Love comes in many forms, I’ve found.

Divine Poetry – Day 28 – Major Arcana

[Using the Major Arcana, draw two cards and morph their meanings – positive to negative, negative to positive.]
Positive: Death
Negative: The Moon

Death is a positive force,
It changes you for better or worse,
Yet is the worse better or better worse
Cannot be decided in the back of a hearse.

Not necessarily a hearse of the physical-
It could be of the mind, a musical
Ending sequence for a dreary rhyme
Telling you that you’re out of time.

Time is gone, change at hand
To get you gone from a comforting land
Of security or stability, while you demand
Why, oh why now, does the last sand

Fall now, of all times in the light
Of the full Moon this night,
A clear pool of water your death sight.
It’s an omen of evil, of night’s fright.

There’s nobody worth trusting
As your stability lays rusting.
Yet, that’s not true, not truthful,
I promise. There are things ruthful,

With some virtue and honor
Who don’t believe you’re a goner.
And that’s beautiful, you know?
To have some light, at least to show

You a path, no matter how obscure.
There is a future for you, I assure,
The Moon assures, though shadowy
It’s a home of sorts. A place to be happy.

Divine Poetry – Day 27 – Swords

[Use only the suit of Swords and include the words Air, Reason, and Nobility]
7 of Swords
Page of Swords, reverse
Ace of Swords

All reason had left the houses of Nobility
In the midst of chaos-
Shown to be deeper in thought,
In feeling, in dreams.
How unforeseen this power
To let go, to just flow without a care.
To be picked up by the air
And sail through life with little plans,
Stopping only to feel the world
Grasped between the toes of your feet.
It’s intoxicating, such deep emotion.
It’s too powerful, such feelings.

Divine Poetry – Day 26 – Cups

[Use only the suit of Cups and include the words Water, Emotion, and God/Goddess]
6 of Cups
7 of Cups, reverse
Queen of Cups

Emotions are powerful-
Powerful enough to invoke Poetry,
The future, and the Divine in
All worlds and words.
Gods and Goddesses feel emotions
No different than humans, one could argue,
Except they have the willpower,
The determination, the strength,
To do something about them.
Whether that make s a human
Sound obscenely godly,
Or a God sound all too human
For delicate tastes,
Is not for me to decide for you.

Divine Poetry – Day 24 – Pentacles

[Use only the suit of pentacles (coins) and include the words Earth, Possessions, and Merchants]
5 of Coins, reverse
7 of Coins, reverse
9 of Coins, reverse

The Earth is my home
Yet, I find myself distracted my merchants
And shinny objects, a need for more possessions.
I could have five hundred china sets,
A fountain of the sweetest Champaign,
Every book in a library of my innermost dreams,
But I will still die.

Money cannot buy enough time
For me to enjoy every toy, knickknack, and souvenir
That I could collect mindlessly over the years.
I don’t feel pain knowing this,
I feel sad, but happy.
The Earth is my home where memories are kept,
And cared for, and loved.
I don’t want more than I can chew.
I don’t want a long life without knowing home.

Divine Poetry  – Day 23 – Wands

[Use only the suit of Wands and include the words Fire, Creativity, and Pleasantry]
8 of Wands, reverse
Page of Wands
Knight of Wands

I’ll be great one day,
Though today I am of the peasantry.
It wasn’t the life I chose,
But the life they assigned to me.
They don’t know,
Don’t want to know,
That I have the power, the will,
To change and set fire to the limits
They set upon me, upon us, so unfair.

“The world was not created equal”
They chant, and chant, and cry.
The world is what I make it,
But not alone, I know-
Oh, I know.
But I can alight passion with my words,
Creativity placed to aflame dead dreams
And bring to life the life we all dreamed.

Divine Poetry – Day 21 – Romance

Nature – The Devil, reverse
Humanity – The Fool
The Bridge Between – Justice, reverse

The devil came strolling one morning
Arm in arm with those he bound.
No chains jingled, no sounds of mourning,
Simple blissful silence among the trees.

And a young Fool saw this sight,
A sight surely none would believe,
Who could not help but ask
With a passionate peeve:

“Why are you two happily
Walking in arm with the Devil?
Does he not beat you so,
And in your poor pain revel?”

“No” said the man and woman,
“He does not treat us so.
It was not he who bound us but rather
Our ignorance of what we didn’t know.”

“Now we’re free, and so now we go
Happily to the fate we feared to know.”
So they smiled and trod away
And the Fool stayed confused another day.

Divine Poetry – Day 18 – Free Verse

What traps me? The Tower
Where can I go once I’m free? 8 of Wands

The tower is coming down around me-
A sudden change, a broken foundation,
The roof is leaking, the lights are flickering,
And I’ve already got one foot towards the door.
Yet I must wait, even though I’m already late
Getting the hell out of dodge and back
To the slow steady rhythm of a stable life,
Because first I’ve got to live through the fall
And then the rush of catching every brick
Falling down, rebuilding even as it all hits the ground-
I’ve got to make up for lost time somehow.