Divine Poetry – Day 5 – Epic 1/6 (Destiny)


Who is our hero? The Wheel of Fortune
Epic – Part One

“Don’t stop. Keep going. Who needs sleep.”
Is the only thing she can spare herself to think.
But how did this come to be? What caused this pain to reap?
Why can’t poor Destiny afford the time to even blink?
There is no beast chasing her, no life or death situation
To call for such dedication and lack of needed rest.
Just sitting at a desk, cursing all damnation
In a forest of books in a cushioned nest.
It’s a library I see, not the dessert, not the sea.
Yet to our dear woman it’s the same, and she might never leave. 
“By the Gods, by the stars, by my professors and their wills,
It’s a thesis and I’m in so many pieces
And I need to pass, to graduate, to pay my bills,
Yet here I sit drinking Rockstar and eating Reese’s-
My last supper, you could say, while I stare blankly
At my research with no life left to care, to wonder, to know.
I’m at my end, my journey’s done, and frankly
It’s April, surely there’s still time for snow?
Hope is lost, time has passed, all’s dead and gone.
Every thought I think to write I know is wrong.” 
Oh Divine! What caused poor Destiny to break?
Was there ever hope? What brought such pain?
If only there was a way, a force, so gentle as to take
Me on, to show me how such fortune falls like rain
Upon the unprotected, drenched Scholar of History
That poor Destiny dreams to achieve. It’s not so high
As dreams are usually seen, sure, but does it have to be
So difficult for such a simple dream to fly
Forward from the will of such hard work? I ask, only
For pure concern, show me the story of Destiny.

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