Divine Poetry – Day 9 – Doggerel

Who is my inner child? Judgment
Who is my outward adult? 5 of Swords; reverse
How should I bring them together? 4 of Wands
I say, I say, I say-
What happened to today?
It was storming in the morning
But by night the world was warring.
I’m in no place to judge
(That’s my childhood’s grudge).
I’m a doctor, I’m an adult,
And my weakness is who I consult
Whenever I want to revolt.
(Which is never,
I was taught better,
Fuck that endeavor,
Curtsy of a governmental letter).
So let’s just pretend tranquility,
Because it rhymes with reality,
And that’s the only tea I need
To go with the damn human breed.

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