Divine Poetry – Day 21 – Romance

Nature – The Devil, reverse
Humanity – The Fool
The Bridge Between – Justice, reverse

The devil came strolling one morning
Arm in arm with those he bound.
No chains jingled, no sounds of mourning,
Simple blissful silence among the trees.

And a young Fool saw this sight,
A sight surely none would believe,
Who could not help but ask
With a passionate peeve:

“Why are you two happily
Walking in arm with the Devil?
Does he not beat you so,
And in your poor pain revel?”

“No” said the man and woman,
“He does not treat us so.
It was not he who bound us but rather
Our ignorance of what we didn’t know.”

“Now we’re free, and so now we go
Happily to the fate we feared to know.”
So they smiled and trod away
And the Fool stayed confused another day.


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