Divine Poetry  – Day 23 – Wands

[Use only the suit of Wands and include the words Fire, Creativity, and Pleasantry]
8 of Wands, reverse
Page of Wands
Knight of Wands

I’ll be great one day,
Though today I am of the peasantry.
It wasn’t the life I chose,
But the life they assigned to me.
They don’t know,
Don’t want to know,
That I have the power, the will,
To change and set fire to the limits
They set upon me, upon us, so unfair.

“The world was not created equal”
They chant, and chant, and cry.
The world is what I make it,
But not alone, I know-
Oh, I know.
But I can alight passion with my words,
Creativity placed to aflame dead dreams
And bring to life the life we all dreamed.


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