Divine Poetry – Day 24 – Pentacles

[Use only the suit of pentacles (coins) and include the words Earth, Possessions, and Merchants]
5 of Coins, reverse
7 of Coins, reverse
9 of Coins, reverse

The Earth is my home
Yet, I find myself distracted my merchants
And shinny objects, a need for more possessions.
I could have five hundred china sets,
A fountain of the sweetest Champaign,
Every book in a library of my innermost dreams,
But I will still die.

Money cannot buy enough time
For me to enjoy every toy, knickknack, and souvenir
That I could collect mindlessly over the years.
I don’t feel pain knowing this,
I feel sad, but happy.
The Earth is my home where memories are kept,
And cared for, and loved.
I don’t want more than I can chew.
I don’t want a long life without knowing home.


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