Divine Poetry – Day 28 – Major Arcana

[Using the Major Arcana, draw two cards and morph their meanings – positive to negative, negative to positive.]
Positive: Death
Negative: The Moon

Death is a positive force,
It changes you for better or worse,
Yet is the worse better or better worse
Cannot be decided in the back of a hearse.

Not necessarily a hearse of the physical-
It could be of the mind, a musical
Ending sequence for a dreary rhyme
Telling you that you’re out of time.

Time is gone, change at hand
To get you gone from a comforting land
Of security or stability, while you demand
Why, oh why now, does the last sand

Fall now, of all times in the light
Of the full Moon this night,
A clear pool of water your death sight.
It’s an omen of evil, of night’s fright.

There’s nobody worth trusting
As your stability lays rusting.
Yet, that’s not true, not truthful,
I promise. There are things ruthful,

With some virtue and honor
Who don’t believe you’re a goner.
And that’s beautiful, you know?
To have some light, at least to show

You a path, no matter how obscure.
There is a future for you, I assure,
The Moon assures, though shadowy
It’s a home of sorts. A place to be happy.


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