I’ve begun the lovely process of transferring some of my older writings onto here. Luckily, the formatting for posts is much easier than tumblr’s and so there’s significantly less cursing involved than originally planned.

My sister’s book is moving along semi-nicely. Almost at page 200! Manged to finish painting the last pictures… to my knowledge. (I already thought I was finished once only to find out I was grossly wrong, so…). I might post some pictures of the book, if only because I’m actually impressed with how some of the paintings and drawings turned out.

Divine Poetry 2015 is done. Next on the list is Divine Poetry 2016. Not sure if I’ll be posting my Obscure Sorrows Challenge poems or not. I haven’t really participated in many writing challenges outside of those three, and the bulk of my writing outside of them I don’t find fitting or worth posting. On the bright side, I want to do more challenges, especially when it comes to exploring different forms and schemes. My sister has also suggested I practice my digital art by illustrating some of my poems, and I might just do that.