NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo – Day One – ‘Poetry Readings’

Today’s prompt was a Kay-Ryan-esque poem, and the following little piece was born from my amusement of something Ryan during her interview that was linked.
Now, I’m not to good with any of the features that Ryan’s poetry boasts, especially not the tight lines, but I found amusement at her statement about going to poetry readings, and how, well, they’re usually quite dreadful.

Poetry Readings:

Poetry readings
Are like a box
Of Chocolates
Or Bees-
There’s no telling
What the hell
Will happen
Once a mouth opens-
Will you go weak
In the knees,
Backseat driver
Of yawning emotion,
Memory lane passed
And bang out about
A childhood commotion.
Or be like
That one date night
Last week which
Ended again in
Whispered yelling,
Awkward eyelocks,
And passive pleading:
Will you leave?


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