NaPoWriMo – Day Nine – “Mean Today”

So today’s prompt was to create a nine-line poem, and I’m thankful for the link provided because I got to try out a new rhyme scheme called “Magic 9” which scheme is a,b,a,c,a,d,a,b,a. It was actually easy and a bit fun to play with (mainly because there’s no set meter scheme I needed to follow, which is great – it’s been a long day at work and meter gets messy). I definable might be revisiting the style, and hopefully becoming better with it.


“Mean Today”

Make some sort of meaning everyday,
Destroy every little bit of prized peace
In thinking you’ll figure it some other day.
Another day, another, some – You must cease!
Tell me, do you love what you love?
If you could tell me what might you say?
Allow me to disappoint you-
Allow me to tell you what I would say:
It’s hard to know, I’ve never made a masterpiece-
Maybe, maybe another, some other day.


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