NaPoWriMo – Day Eleven – ‘Darling’

Sadly, it seems I broke my record of getting these out before midnight – but I had to stay overtime at work for two hours which gave me only 5 minutes to type something… which didn’t work.

Today’s prompt was to do a Bop! A love child between a sonnet and a song. Definitely an interesting form, might play with it again later. Alas, my subject matter isn’t the most cheerful, but then again it rarely is – not my style, I guess.


I can’t handle the hate
That comes with love-
Vague feelings to slight despairs,
What about the idea of loving
Makes a person feel so weak?

It’s all a lie, darling

What if they are faking?
What if I am faking?
I never could trust myself-
I could never trust myself
To love a person completely,
Perfectly, in a dreamily like
Trance, what if they knew-
Wouldn’t they hate me too?

It’s all a lie, darling

And I don’t know if I could
Take heartbreak, it’s already broke
Once – once is too many times.
Why must I hate to love love?
Maybe, I don’t know if, I’ll handle
Knowing, not knowing, but knowing

It’s all a lie, darling.


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