NaPoWriMo – Day Twelve – ‘Home’

Today’s prompt was alliteration and assonance – I’m much better at alliteration than assonance, but I tried. Anyway, this piece needs some more work, but it’s been a rough day at work (and hopefully I’ll be getting a new job soon that’s in my field of study). This is what I could do tonight!



A home is such a fragile thing-
Where can you find one? Where can I?
I want to be welcomed without worry.
To wide, wide windows and home
Home grown window plants- lavender,
Rosemary, sage sitting in five dollar buckets.
I want them to great me, them and the books
The books braced against each other on the shelves,
Full lives lived and lived lightly between pages
I have turned time with, turned nights with,
Under the wide, wide windows where I sit,
Sit silently, so quietly I can hear the outside
World, a world I can welcome in time
If only I had a home to walk into without worry.


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