NaPoWriMo – Day Thirteen – “Spoonie Ghazal”

Today’s prompt was to do a ghazal! I’ve never written in this format or even heard of it, which is a shame because I feel it could produce some pretty neat poems if done right – I’ll definitely be on the look out to read some poems more like this as the semi-strict format can really make the writer think.

‘Spoonie Ghazal’

With a list of things to do, who has time to walk and think.
How is it people can get up every morning and walk and think?

It’s terrifying just to try and make up your own mind,
To know and understand what it is you want when you walk and think.

Have you ever woken up late with the tiring heaviness of knowing,
A spiritual groaning, about how hard today it will be to walk and think?

Or maybe you have experienced an anxiety brittle bone deep,
A need, a pressuring need to do something, anything, to walk and think.

Ever have you had your heart cry out and leave your body in a panic,
Chest bursting, it needed, but you lingered too late, to walk and think.

To have a perfectly pearly life, to be born silver spooned in the soul and body
I’m not lucky – I can’t walk and think and I can only walk and think.


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