NaPoWriMo – Day Fifteen – ‘Half of Something’

Today’s prompt was to write with the idea of being in the middle of something, or having/lacking half of something. I liked the idea of halves – it fits, as the prompt said with it being the middle of the month, but also it fits my situation currently. I wanted to take the idea of having only half and explore it… and I think I did.

‘Half of Something’

Is half of something truly better
Than absolutely zero of it or even 100%?
Half-dreaming, half-sleeping, half-awake,
Half-dead in depression, half-panicked in anxiety,
Half-empty with a fridge half-full of food, or even
A half-cooked bowl of ramen, a half-loaf of bread.

Let’s say I have a half-full, half-empty
Life. Age is a useless number to assign-
By 50 years old are you sure you’re at the half point?
Or maybe sadly beyond – Maybe even too soon?
What matters is whether it’s half-full or half-empty
Of the things you’d thought you’d accomplish-
The things you half-dreamed while half-awake
Standing half-still in the hall for your eight am
High school algebra class, half the year gone,
Spent only half-listening, half-learning what the teacher
was trying so desperately not to give up teaching you-
In that world half a lifetime away, or even yesterday..

They say when you are writing it gets easier
Once you start, but forget that half the time what happens
Is when you hit the half way point between unfinished and finished
You go back to the beginning, the top of your page, the zero mark,
And begin rereading all your half-truths and half-lies.
You usually realize you forgot half-way what it was
That you were trying to write about, to say, to convince
Your reader that you need them to be at least half-full,
Half-awake with life, passion, and feeling to understand,
To understand, maybe, what it was you forgot you’re trying to say.
Instead, you look at the clock and realize you’ve wasted
Half the day you needed to live to empty self-fullness.


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