NaWriPoMo – Day Seventeen – ‘What They Need’

Today’s prompt was to do a nocturne inspired poem- and what’s better than heartbreak and moths? I had to write this one twice because the first version came out as too forceful, which unfortunately made writing a little longer than anticipated so I’m publishing this a few minutes into April 18- oh well.

‘What They Need’

You’re beautiful, but depressing-
It’s 2am and you’re eating your grief
For another lost love, another future gone
You swore this one was The One,
The One you thought you could count on.

Did you not know-
You can break your own heart,
Staring at that ceiling hoping for someone,
Not you, to dream of being saved by – Counting,
You’re just counting the seconds and the spins
The fan above your head makes, hopelessly alone.

Come now. Please. Slip your shoes on, or not,
We’re going outside tonight, right now – to count,
We’re going to count the moths as they bash themselves
Against our porch light, a sun to them, a lover – Look!
How determined, how sure they are of its gentle warmth.
How sure they are of what they think they need, when cold-
Did no one teach them how to love themselves first?


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