NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty – ‘Tired Rest’

Definitely not my best – I tried to the prompt for today, but that was even worse. So, without further ado:

‘Tired Rest’

I’m tired and I don’t know why
Except I do, and I bet you know too-
It’s been a long day, twenty-four hours,
Sixteen of which require me to be awake.
Thirty minutes to shower,
Thirty minutes for breakfast,
Thirty minutes to get to work.
Four hours, hour break, four more hours,
Anther break, this time thirty minutes,
Two and a half hours of work again.
I blink and it’s been thirteen and a half hours.

I get paid for eight, due to laws.
The pay is decent, also due to laws.
My boss tells me to work less, schedules me more
I work six days straight, make a nice paycheck
And spend my day off asleep, trying to rest.

I suppose I could spend my checks,
After they remove the taxes first…
Taxes for the roads, the school, the president
And his three million dollar weekend,
(A needed break, we’re sure, so sure)
On self-care, self-help, or self-success,
Except I’m too tired by the end of the day.

But I still have two and a half hours
Out of the sixteen that are required of me-
Or, well, I did but I spent them trying
To find out why I have been so tired.
Now that the times up, I must go to bed-
Another long day waits as I take time to rest.


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