Shadow of May – Day Two – ‘Falsely Beat’

So today’s Shadow of May question was “How do you express Love?”
And here is how:

“Falsely Beat”

Do you hear that false heart beat?
It’s mine, it’s all mine, and it hurts
To hurt them all so much. I lie. I lied.
I wanted them to love so much more than me
I wanted them to love what I could eventually be.

I express my love in forced stability,
The sterility of a false heart that beats
Silently, so perfectly – you could say it doesn’t
Ever truly beat at all. And I loved so faultlessly
False they bought it all, they fell before I could fall.

Harmoniously. I wanted every single Love I loved
To be harmonious, the sound of two hearts together
Seamlessly – I wanted instant seamlessness and I…
My Mother told me to fake it until I make it, and I…
It’s mine, only mine, that false and skipping heartbeat.


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