Shadow of May – Day Five – ‘For the Better’

We’re on time today! (Mainly because it’s my day off work and I got extra sleep – that’s certainly helping). Anyway, today’s Shadow of May question: How am I doing right now?

‘For the Better’

It could be worse-
I am tripping over my own feet
Trying to meet the ideals made
For someone kind of like me.

I should be more than I am.
I’ve had more than enough time
To do so, it’s true, maybe…
But I could be so much worse.

Will I ever mange to accept that-
I am driven mad with the thoughts
Of how much I am waiting and wasting,
Not realizing that I am moving by living.

And isn’t that how it is for everyone?
Told when to grow up, get a job, have kids,
Half even are told of their expiration date…
Maybe, it’s time to tell ourselves some things.


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