Shadow of May – Day Four – ‘Self-Love’

Yesterday’s Shadow of May question was ‘What does Self Love mean to me?’ And it’s late because I was practicing self-love – that is to say I got off work and then spent the entire night talking and playing video games with my sister. I went to bed at 6am. It was great.

This poem though – not so great, but then again my shadow work poetry generally isn’t.



It’s a sweet and sour balance,
Affection caught briefly between
My bitter, salty and cut lips.
“Love yourself” they whisper,
Drink water with some of that rum.
I could rip myself to pieces over and over
Every day of the week, but I leave at least one-
And on that single one I believe
In small insignificant acts of self-love.
To eat or not. To sleep or not.
I decide in finality what I need,
And nobody needs me today.
Or. No. I need nobody today.
Self-love, my love, I know-
I know when to stop and be selfish,
It’s a sweet and sour balance,
Balanced between two broken lips.


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