Shadow of May – Day Fourteen – ‘Flaunting Trauma’

I’m either getting sick or I have allergies – neither are fun. Day fourteen of Shadow of May asked: What do I minimize about myself? What do I flaunt?

Here you guys go-

‘Flaunting Trauma’

I don’t care much for being human,
Most my days are, in fact, spent in confusion
Trying to figure out how the hell I’m still alive-
Despite it all, despite everything, here I thrive?

I’ve had a very unlucky past, it’s true,
I’ve developed a sick pride for what I went through.
Clear headed, I was so terribly clear headed
And aware of the life I once lived and dreaded-

I dreaded all of it, and I’d like to erase some
Of the memories that are too soft, cute, and numb.
Minimize the conflicting emotions, all that commotion-
I’ve learned to live, finally, via some sort of logical devotion.


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