Shadow Of May – Day Eighteen – ‘You Can Live’

I keep doing these in batches of two – I don’t plan to, it just happens. Work and all is keeping me weird. Day eighteen of Shadow of May asked: What has been conditioned in me about death?

‘You Can Live’

You can live but you’ve gotta lay down and die
At some point, preferably around the end of your life-
You gotta earn it though, fight tooth, nail, and red-eyed
To try to escape death, maybe fight it physically with a knife.

We’ve learned to be helpless and be angry that we’re helpless.
Nothing will stop death from coming, nothing can, nothing did-
Not the money,or the healthy food, or the cardio never missed.
Everyone made their bets against Death but forgot to set the bid.

Eventually, we all do it. It’s natural and it’s sick.
We’ll become sick, all in time, and we’ll find the time
To stop fighting for a life we forgot to live, be quick-
It’ll be gone, a reason to live buried under all the grime,

All the grime you were taught, I was taught, about dying.
Death as the ultimate witness to every secret, sin, and second wasted
Trying to find away to prevent it, trying to find some way of implying
That dying is the Death, an ultimate end –  all life is spent constantly chased.


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