Quick update!

I'm back! Tomorrow I start publishing here daily again - this month I'll be using Merriam-Webster word of the day for inspiration. I might be a little slow this coming Sunday (two days from now for me), mainly because I'll be heading to families for a week and it's a few hours drive. I would… Continue reading Quick update!


Shadow of May – Day Thirty-One – ‘Circumspection’

So with this Shadow of May is finished, though a day late. I haven't found anything for June in either poetry challenges or tarot challenges, so I might take the month off as I've got to finish up my sister's book and begin learning Blender to help a friend out on a game she's developing.… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Thirty-One – ‘Circumspection’

Shadow of May – Day Thirty – ‘Ankyloglossia’

I didn't want to be late, but whoops. Here's day thirty of Shadow of May. The question asked was: How do I listen? How do I speak?   ‘Anakyloglossia’ I learned when young not to listen To the other kids on the playground- I was in second grade, aged just eight. I was tongue-tied -… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Thirty – ‘Ankyloglossia’