Word of the Day – Construe – ‘Not True’

Sorry for the late post, it was a very busy day yesterday and by the time I got back to my family’s house I was dead tired. Yesterday’s word of the day was construe, a verb which means  to interpret (a word or action) in a particular way.

‘Not True’

There are no real answers
To all of this that I see and feel.
What is it to be living happily
Other than this knowing
And understanding that i built
My reality, that everything I do is wrong
In someone’s, not always mine, eyes.
I only have to apologize to myself
For every doubt thrown towards my worth.
I accept my failures by the grace of every star
Reflected in the eyes of another living being.
I will always be able to change, to transform,
And I will never be enough for anybody except me.


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