Divine Poetry – Day 10 – Epic 2/6 (Destiny)

Who is your companion? 10 of Swords, reverse What is your first obstacle? Justice And thus the past is invoked In the heart of a red rotten rose By the sight of which has provoked Purest Fate with only a glance at its pose, So delicate, so broken, the surface of its petals That with… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 10 – Epic 2/6 (Destiny)


Divine Poetry – Day 31 – Response to the Aubade

[Revisit a favorite prompt and write a response] Response to the Aubade: Page of Cups, reverse I worry about sleeping, About dreaming, about seeing Something, anything, and everything. I now run from the world That I cherish and hold dear. Did my dreams say goodbye Or was that me lying to myself? I have the… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 31 – Response to the Aubade

Divine Poetry – Day 29 – Acrostic

[Explore your closest friend] What makes them special to me? 2 of Wands What makes me special to them? Page of Coins, reverse What is our friendship like? The Star, reverse What do we need to work on? Ace of Swords, reverse Come to me dear, Remember how stubborn we both were? You said we’d… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 29 – Acrostic

Divine Poetry – Day 28 – Major Arcana

[Using the Major Arcana, draw two cards and morph their meanings - positive to negative, negative to positive.] Positive: Death Negative: The Moon Death is a positive force, It changes you for better or worse, Yet is the worse better or better worse Cannot be decided in the back of a hearse. Not necessarily a… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 28 – Major Arcana

Divine Poetry – Day 26 – Cups

[Use only the suit of Cups and include the words Water, Emotion, and God/Goddess] 6 of Cups 7 of Cups, reverse Queen of Cups Emotions are powerful- Powerful enough to invoke Poetry, The future, and the Divine in All worlds and words. Gods and Goddesses feel emotions No different than humans, one could argue, Except they… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 26 – Cups

Divine Poetry – Day 24 – Pentacles

[Use only the suit of pentacles (coins) and include the words Earth, Possessions, and Merchants] 5 of Coins, reverse 7 of Coins, reverse 9 of Coins, reverse The Earth is my home Yet, I find myself distracted my merchants And shinny objects, a need for more possessions. I could have five hundred china sets, A… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 24 – Pentacles

Divine Poetry  – Day 23 – Wands

[Use only the suit of Wands and include the words Fire, Creativity, and Pleasantry] 8 of Wands, reverse Page of Wands Knight of Wands I’ll be great one day, Though today I am of the peasantry. It wasn’t the life I chose, But the life they assigned to me. They don’t know, Don’t want to… Continue reading Divine Poetry  – Day 23 – Wands

Divine Poetry – Day 21 – Romance

Nature - The Devil, reverse Humanity - The Fool The Bridge Between - Justice, reverse The devil came strolling one morning Arm in arm with those he bound. No chains jingled, no sounds of mourning, Simple blissful silence among the trees. And a young Fool saw this sight, A sight surely none would believe, Who… Continue reading Divine Poetry – Day 21 – Romance