Shadow of May – Day Twenty-Nine – ‘A Short Story, by Me’

Today’s Shadow of May – and it’s not late! Surprise! The question asked was: How can I learn from my mistakes?

‘A Short Story, by Me’

It’s beautiful outside, I’m sure,
But even knowing this I want to deny
My existence towards the world in a childish,
Petty anger. I’m angry – yes, of course,
Truly! Towards myself most of all,
Sure, but I want others to feel it,
The pointlessness.

I’ll hide in my room every hour instead,
Refusing noise and people by rage reading
Every book I previously stacked in awkward areas
About my room in all the nooks, crannies, and corners.
Pointless, it’s pointless – everything! but the words.
It’s beautiful outside, I know, but I made
Some little, shameful mistake, and yes, I know
That the best thing to do would be to leave
And leave my childishness on the shelf.


NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Three – ‘My Write’

I like this form, the elevine, it feels very clean and prompt – a nice change from the usual hecticness that I’ve been experiencing lately. It was a welcome prompt for today, and I might play with it again, later on.


‘My Write’

Gathering together
Inside of me-
Escaping, trying to become

Sitting there
On the table
Doing nothing other than

NaPoWriMo/GloPoWriMo – Day Four – ‘A Lazy Mourning’

I wasn’t quite sure how to approach this one – An enigma is an enigma to write. I tried remembering if I had ever read any enigma poems, and the only one that came to mind was “The Emperor of Ice Cream” by Wallace Stevens. I could think of nothing else.

My sister helped me out on this one, I didn’t know what direction to go. She wanted something peaceful, so I gave her something we both know. I enjoyed writing this, but I feel the secret is too obvious – rather lacking as a secret. But I wrote it so I’m a little indisposed to know how well it’s hidden. Also, don’t know if we’re supposed to eventually post the secret – but I’m going to guess no.

‘A Lazy Mourning’

Meet me on the porch, my Dear-
I want to watch it all come down.
Coffee and tea between our fingers,
Sit beside me, listen to that sound.

Let’s soak up this October breeze,
7am, but no birds to hear around,
I bet their hiding in their little nests
Dreaming above and in this little town.

It’s just you and me, just me and you.
The rest are all gone and silent as we sit,
But neither of us worry and that’s okay-
We’ve agreed we’ve always been a little misfit.

A lazy day, some tranquil hours,
Tell me how have you been?
Sweet your tea and moments, please,
Warm up just a little more, then.

A warm cup for you, a warm cup for me-
Look up at that sky so beautiful and crawling!
Let’s sit it out together, once more again,
I love our quiet mornings spent to all this falling.