Shadow of May – ‘Hard Sleep’

Today starts the first day that I am honestly attempting to post a weekly piece. Let’s see how long it lasts. This months poems will be jumping off questions from HillBilly Oracle’s May Tarot Challenge. I picking to publish pieces that come out half way decent. I hope you all enjoy!

‘Hard Sleep’

Find me another tree to hang from.
I am tired and want to sleep.
It has been a long road, my work
Almost complete – much more that I
Ever expected of me.

There’s good times ahead, so I promised myself
A big tree to make my bed between it’s leaves.
Night has fallen and I felt an ease on the breeze,
I found wine in the petals of daisies and dandelions
I stole orange honey from sleeping bees.

I drank to die, I drank to dream,
I drank and yet sleep eluded me
So I found myself hanging in a tree I stared
Sleepily out among the chattering woods.
I worked too hard to die in dreams.


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Word of the Day – Inalienable – ‘Confession’

Today’s word of the day was inalienable, meaning incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred. It took me so long to write this. I didn’t want to get political or sad, so I tried to make something beautiful, unfortuantely I feel it’s lacking… a lot. Maybe I’ll rewrite it when I’m not so tired and unfocused.


We will never be wholly apart
Except in those rare darkening of the heart
Where we tend to feel so intolerable alone,
But watch now as the sky comes together
Before your eyes, the birds perched separate
Now sing together as the earth remembers to turn.
The sun, for us, dips and drops downward,
Down and into the next town a thousand miles away
Where it peaks to give another person who lives
A world apart and yet right beside you another day.

We may never meet
And yet, I remember in my insignificance
All my wasted words, pointless laughter-
Pain experienced alone, but shown in ink.
It stains, we stain, the universes and worlds
We’ll never see but briefly in another human.
I’ll confess. I am inspired by someone who thought
They were nothing important, and still do
Because I could never raise my heart to speak
And close the distance I thought was there.