Word of the Day – Crucible – ‘Slam Your Door’

Today's word of the day is crucible, or a sever test. I had a little trouble naming this one, I considered naming it 'Test of Time and Love' but it didn't feel quite right... I might write a poem with that title, but I feel like it would be a little lighter or maybe upbeat.… Continue reading Word of the Day – Crucible – ‘Slam Your Door’

Word of the Day – Inalienable – ‘Confession’

Today's word of the day was inalienable, meaning incapable of being alienated, surrendered, or transferred. It took me so long to write this. I didn't want to get political or sad, so I tried to make something beautiful, unfortuantely I feel it's lacking... a lot. Maybe I'll rewrite it when I'm not so tired and… Continue reading Word of the Day – Inalienable – ‘Confession’

Shadow of May – Day Twenty-Three – ‘Slowly, Tenderly’

Have I ever mentioned how hard it is for me to name things? Like, I'm terrible at it most days, but today I just couldn't decide.. But I guess this will work. Today's Shadow of May asked: What is my hatred to my energy levels?   'Slowly, Tenderly' I have learned, ever so slowly To… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Twenty-Three – ‘Slowly, Tenderly’

Shadow of May – Day Eight – ‘Living Alone’

Finally caught up! Here is today's Shadow of May! Oddly enough, all the cards I drew were extremely positive in light of the question (and four of five were Major Arcana...): What can solitude help me with? 'Living Alone' She’s asked often if she’s married, Whom, they wonder, could be so blessed To have such… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Eight – ‘Living Alone’

Shadow of May – Day Three – ‘They Told Me’

The school semester is almost over and work has been a little crazy, but I still managed to get today's piece done! Today's Shadow of May questions were: How do I treat others? How do I treat myself?   'They Told Me' Home is where the heart is They will tell you But what if… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Three – ‘They Told Me’

Shadow of May – Day Two – ‘Falsely Beat’

So today's Shadow of May question was "How do you express Love?" And here is how: "Falsely Beat" Do you hear that false heart beat? It’s mine, it’s all mine, and it hurts To hurt them all so much. I lie. I lied. I wanted them to love so much more than me I wanted… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Two – ‘Falsely Beat’

Shadow Of May – Day One – ‘Endless My Love’

So I should probably put a disclaimer on how lame the next few poems are gonna be, because this month I'm doing the tarot challenge Shadow of May -  a tarot based shadow work challenge. Shadow working is generally an exploring of feelings and habits you'd rather avoid/are a bit personally loaded. I'm not including… Continue reading Shadow Of May – Day One – ‘Endless My Love’

NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Eight – ‘The Goal’

I was a bit later than usual today, but I managed to work out a Skeltonic poem per the prompts request. Now, i'm a little mixed about this one. I like it, but outside of the words involved, I find putting this thought into words to be lengthy. Keeping my lines short was quite hard..… Continue reading NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Eight – ‘The Goal’

NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Two – ‘Don’t Care to Care’

I must apologize - I wrote all this half asleep(I'm just that exhausted from work). Around the end I realized this might not be a georgic poem, it doesn't seem to have much in way of dealing with land or rural imagery... unless the thing you're caring for is not land but rather yourself. You… Continue reading NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Two – ‘Don’t Care to Care’

NaPoWriMo – Day Eighteen – ‘Sunsplit, Busted Lip’

Today's prompt was to do a poem using neologisms, or made up words. I was actually rather worried about this piece because using multiple neologisms is not my strong suit - one or two is okay, but after that I worry about it become too coagulated to understand. I use inktorn on occasion, but other… Continue reading NaPoWriMo – Day Eighteen – ‘Sunsplit, Busted Lip’