GloPoWriMo – Day Five – ‘Bad Translation’

Day Five! It was a very interesting challenge today, the prompt was to pick a picture and a poem in a langue that I didn’t know and write as if I was translating the poem to fit the picture. It was actually rather difficult, but fun. I chose the above picture and using the Swedish poem “It is a Horse That Says No” by Aase Berg I wrote my piece for today. I don’t think it came out very clear..


‘Bad Translation’

There are things we cannot say,
But men say what they will.

Of men, are there not any left half dead
From busily penning frisky words.

Civilization is as old as a heart.



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NaNoWriMo – ‘Multidimensional Love’

Sorry in advance for any formatting errors! I’m having to type this on my phone as I’m traveling.


‘Multidimensional Love’

I am a creator of many worlds,
Is it incumbent upon myself that
I treat them all with love.

They are my scars, whole valleys
Baring the lives of thousands I will
Never fully know.

They are my lashes, my hair,
My nails, things that are apart of me,
Yet I am so quick to lose unknowingly.

Whole worlds die and live on my skin,
Little villages, colonies, nations,
And many more inside of me will thrive.

My fantasies are alive, multiple personalities
Branching off of a single curious whim, acted
Out in walking and sleeping dreams.

Tell me, why I cannot love them? Why should
I not love them? Them in all their horrors
And grace – them existing in me.

It’s magic, it’s witchcraft, its power in basic
Realization that I am more than me,
I am beyond a single being.



If you like my writing please check out my book Moth-Like. It can be bought on Amazon here.

Word of the Day – Construe – ‘Not True’

Sorry for the late post, it was a very busy day yesterday and by the time I got back to my family’s house I was dead tired. Yesterday’s word of the day was construe, a verb which means  to interpret (a word or action) in a particular way.

‘Not True’

There are no real answers
To all of this that I see and feel.
What is it to be living happily
Other than this knowing
And understanding that i built
My reality, that everything I do is wrong
In someone’s, not always mine, eyes.
I only have to apologize to myself
For every doubt thrown towards my worth.
I accept my failures by the grace of every star
Reflected in the eyes of another living being.
I will always be able to change, to transform,
And I will never be enough for anybody except me.

NaPoWriMo – Day Nine – “Mean Today”

So today’s prompt was to create a nine-line poem, and I’m thankful for the link provided because I got to try out a new rhyme scheme called “Magic 9” which scheme is a,b,a,c,a,d,a,b,a. It was actually easy and a bit fun to play with (mainly because there’s no set meter scheme I needed to follow, which is great – it’s been a long day at work and meter gets messy). I definable might be revisiting the style, and hopefully becoming better with it.


“Mean Today”

Make some sort of meaning everyday,
Destroy every little bit of prized peace
In thinking you’ll figure it some other day.
Another day, another, some – You must cease!
Tell me, do you love what you love?
If you could tell me what might you say?
Allow me to disappoint you-
Allow me to tell you what I would say:
It’s hard to know, I’ve never made a masterpiece-
Maybe, maybe another, some other day.

NaPoWriMo – Day Eight – “Bedtime Prayer”

Today’s prompt was repetition! I adore repetition, and though this isn’t my best work yet – I enjoy it, and that’s enough for me.

“Bedtime Prayer”

Replenishing darkness in which I lay,
Lay my head down upon bended knee,
Lay my head down and pray sleepily:

I wish for sweet healing dreams.
I wish for my body to restore.
I wish by all my simple means-
I wish to swim in sleeps shore.

I wish I knew how to properly love.
I wish I knew what I was made for.
I wish I knew what Gods dream of,
I wish I knew what Gods cry for-

But I’ve been told it’s best to let
Gods sleep, and to sing them Goodnight.
So Goodnight, but I wish that if I ever met
A God on sleeps sweet shore some night
Maybe, maybe they might tell me why
I was made, how to love, and if they cry.