Shadow of May – Day Twenty-Six – ‘Oh Night’

Okay, so I’m trying to power through these and get caught up. I’ve finished day Twenty-six of Shadow of May which asked: What is my direction in life? What is my purpose? Yesterday and today’s are just notes sitting on my desk right now – hopefully not for long.


‘Oh Night’

Tell me what it is I’m trying to be,
The Queen, the King, the Knight,
Oh, night! It’s time, allow me to wash
My hair tonight in that icy, icy sea.

Tell me the truth, tell me please,
How there are many kind and gentle things,
People, really, and though I don’t always
Consider myself one of them – often,

It’s every so often that some one looks
With eyes too soft at me, telling me –
Cruel. I don’t want to talk, and so I won’t.
I refuse to be anything but cruel to me.

I like the challenge, oh, it’s a challenge yes –
Let us go wash our hair in the sea, tell me,
Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t I be anything
But cruel to me – I am driven to overcome.

Yes, I want to overcome the life I lived,
But couldn’t live. Is there not something
Beautiful, yes, and cruel, in wanting to be
Something else other than the me I’ve seen?


NaPoWriMo – Day Eight – “Bedtime Prayer”

Today’s prompt was repetition! I adore repetition, and though this isn’t my best work yet – I enjoy it, and that’s enough for me.

“Bedtime Prayer”

Replenishing darkness in which I lay,
Lay my head down upon bended knee,
Lay my head down and pray sleepily:

I wish for sweet healing dreams.
I wish for my body to restore.
I wish by all my simple means-
I wish to swim in sleeps shore.

I wish I knew how to properly love.
I wish I knew what I was made for.
I wish I knew what Gods dream of,
I wish I knew what Gods cry for-

But I’ve been told it’s best to let
Gods sleep, and to sing them Goodnight.
So Goodnight, but I wish that if I ever met
A God on sleeps sweet shore some night
Maybe, maybe they might tell me why
I was made, how to love, and if they cry.