Word of the Day – Diminution – ‘Slipping Away’

Good evening/morning! Today's word of the day is diminution,┬áthe act, process, or an instance of becoming gradually less (as in size or importance). I've been writing on and off these last few days, but haven't gotten anything worth sharing really. I realize it's been a few days since I've posted so I'm going to go… Continue reading Word of the Day – Diminution – ‘Slipping Away’


Not So Quick Update, but an Update

  First of all, I'm sorry. Things just got a little crazy this month. To make a long story short - I've gotta get ready to move across the country. Of course, not immediately, but sooner than I'd expect too. I've got roughly eight months to save up for the jump. That seems like a… Continue reading Not So Quick Update, but an Update