Word of the Day – Plausible – ‘Late Nights’

Sorry it's been such a long time since I posted anything. Life recently has been hectic. Between a housemate going AWOL and my great grandma passing away everything has been a little difficult. I'm going to queue up a handful of pieces tonight. Today's was an old word of the day I never got around… Continue reading Word of the Day – Plausible – ‘Late Nights’


Word of the Day – Fester – ‘For Your Consideration’

So today's word of the day is fester, to undergo or exist in a state of progressive deterioration or┬áputrefy/┬árot. I had a little fun with this - mainly because for me it's in the very early morning hours, and I'm still awake though I have work later today. I'm just sleepless, so I've taken the… Continue reading Word of the Day – Fester – ‘For Your Consideration’

Word of the Day – Extramental – ‘Beyond Me’

So I looked at Merriam-Webster's word of the day was Sericeous, which means 'covered with fine silky hair' and I honestly couldn't think of anything. So instead I download a word of the day app on my phone and got Extramental, 'which means existing outside the mind' - something I could work with easily. I'll… Continue reading Word of the Day – Extramental – ‘Beyond Me’

Shadow of May – Day Seventeen – ‘Living for the Littlest Things’

Just found out I'm missing this years Divine Poetry challenge, damn. I love that challenge.. But the month is over half way gone, there's little chance I'd catch up. Anyway, today's Shadow of May question is: How do I feel about death? (True story btw).   'Living for the Littlest Things' One time I dreamed… Continue reading Shadow of May – Day Seventeen – ‘Living for the Littlest Things’

NaPoWriMo – Day Thirty – ‘Again and Again’

The final day of NaPoWriMo is here! I managed a solid 29/30 which is much more than I expected to accomplish. I have a tarot challenge picked out for May to participate in and have plans to post a poem for each day based on my readings, so hopefully I will still be active daily.… Continue reading NaPoWriMo – Day Thirty – ‘Again and Again’

NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Seven – ‘Dreaming of Silence’

Today's prompt was to do a poem on taste! I chose silence because... why not? Also I must apologize - Yesterday was full of unexpected surprises at work. By the time I got home at 1am I was dead tired and just went to sleep. 'Dreaming of Silence' A long night spent painfully quiet, A… Continue reading NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Seven – ‘Dreaming of Silence’

NaPoWriMo – Day Eight – “Bedtime Prayer”

Today's prompt was repetition! I adore repetition, and though this isn't my best work yet - I enjoy it, and that's enough for me. "Bedtime Prayer" Replenishing darkness in which I lay, Lay my head down upon bended knee, Lay my head down and pray sleepily: I wish for sweet healing dreams. I wish for… Continue reading NaPoWriMo – Day Eight – “Bedtime Prayer”