NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Eight – ‘From A Thunderous Lover’

Sorry for being a few days late! Over the next two days the final three poems for NaPoWriMo will be posted. I will be switching to a May Tarot Challenge after this, but only be posting every Thursday with a poem or two that I find are the best of the week. I’m trying to be more active on social media, specifically my twitter (which is just Pearl Lee Siddall…). However, I am an awkward human being and the only things I can think to post are not poetry or art related, but rather cute pictures of my housemates cat and dog..

Anyway. Day twenty-eight of NaPoWriMo had us writing a prose based postcard poem. Unfortunately, I have very little experience with prose so it was an experience to write. I think it turned out pretty okay, and I hope you all will agree.


‘From A Thunderous Lover’

I left home to go North and found myself in the South. The weather is unusually solid here, like the oak and hickory trees lining this little street. The houses are well spaced – feral cats are rare and feral dogs rarer, but speeding cars common enough not to walk up and down it in dreams. It’s sunny almost everyday, cool with all this sun’s heat. And forgive me, but I didn’t think I’d miss the thunderstorms and tornadoes back home. The limber trees whose branches and trunks bent in the wind. Wild, I’m so use to the wild in this this calm and idle world. The wind here is so quiet, my mind can’t help chasing after it trying to smell at least rain. Please, if you see some lightening kiss it for me before it has a chance to hit. I miss feeling electricity on my lips.

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NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-One – ‘Narcissus’

The prompt for Day 21 was to write a poem based on the myth of Narcissus. Surprisingly this was harder to write than I had imagined, it actually put me a little behind in getting caught up. I’ve got multiple versions of it, but the mood all seemed wrong. Anyway, here it is! (Below the poem I also have an update on my latest publishing project.)



They told him to settle
His petaled heart for dill,
Anise, Cumin, earthy herbs
That work, work hard and well
But lack beauty.

His family was a bouquet of Daffodils
What more did you expect, he was born
Able to love himself above everything else-
Yet still pinned helplessly at his reflection.

We are told love yourself, but settle
For Johns, Daniels, Adams or any
Man with a ring, find an earthy home,
But keep your eyes on the mirror.


If you like my writing please check out my book Moth-Like. It can be bought on Amazon here for $6.99. I also just published a chapbook through Amazon, Simple Acrostics of Silly Desperation, which was a fun little project I did while playing with the acrostic form. I like the freedom my current style provides, but original I wrote with a strict-ish form and rhyme. I like the challenge. I’m pretty proud with how a lot of the pieces in this chapbook came out too. Originally, I was going to have it finished before my big move, by life happened and I had to put it to the side. It out now though with all unpublished poems except one and that’s ‘Tea Time’ from earlier in the month – I just couldn’t help myself. In the process of revision I also re-designed the cover for Moth-Like. Anyway, thank you for your time! I hope you all have a lovely day!

Late December Update

I’ve officially survived the holiday season while working in retail. The last month and a half had my schedule all over the place, which was exhausting. Hopefully with 2018 around the corner things will calm down and I can start posting regularly again!

As for NaNoWriMo – it went smoothly until half way through November. I’d said I was going to write and post while visiting family for a few days, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I wrote a lot and enjoyed it immensely while I could, and will definitely be participating next year. I still plan to publish a new book before March, with my plan to move across the country coming sooner and sooner I need all the extra income I can get.

Lately I’ve had a writers block. I have a tendency to just try and wait through my blocks if trying to forced my way out doesn’t work. I’ve written a few pieces, but it wasn’t enjoyable and I had no luck kick-starting creativity. So I’ve turned my attention to other things momentarily, though with work as crazy as it’s been I haven’t had much time to enjoy old hobbies. I’ve re-picked up some favorite books, weaved a bit, and played video games. Which on that topic, Doki Doki Literature Club has been giving me writing feels. I know that there’s a lot of jokes about it because it is a cutesy game with some serious dark undertones (which to be honest is one of my favorite genres – I love anything that blends tragedy, horror, and humor), but until I started playing it I didn’t realize that a good portion of the game is poetry based. Every night the protagonist writes a poem and the next day he shows it to the girls and the show what they wrote back. It’s a really refreshing twist on showing the psychological states of the girls as the game progresses, not to mention the club’s president gives writing tips every meeting when you show your poem to her.

It’s weirdly inspiring.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely New Years! I know I will, as it’s going to be my first day off in two weeks! I look forward to the new year, and all the possible thing it may bring! I’m going to be posting again once I work out my schedule.


Mid-November Update!

Time has really been escaping me – I hit a bit of a block in writing from exhaustion and work. As it is officially the Holiday season in the States, my work schedule became very inconsistent. We need at least one person in the kitchen at all times, not counting our bi-weekly truck days and audit times, but it’s also suggested to take time off to visit family during this time. As there are only four of us working the kitchen the movement anytime someone takes time off we have to completely redo the schedule to keep coverage. So the last two weeks I’ve been covering random days and times.

As of right now, I’m in the middle of getting packed to go North to visit family for three days. Before I leave I’m going to try and queue up some poetry I’ve written – I’ve plenty of of pieces, I’ve just been dead tired and not all of them are.. good (in my opinion). I’ve also been getting no-where with Destiny – which sucks, but it happens.

So sorry for the sudden disappearance! Hope you all are doing alright!

October Update

Not sure if I can call this an October Update when I’m posting it on the last day of October, but I’m going to anyway.

Unfortunately, This month’s plan to post everyday went out the window. As I switched jobs my schedule ended up a little more chaotic than anticipated. This is the first week that I’ve been given a schedule my boss thinks my be my official one – I’m going to be the opener. Downside, I’ve got to wake up at 4am for work, but on the bright side I have the ability to have a social life which is not something I had much of at the old job because of conflicting hours with my friends. I’m still getting use to a new sleep schedule, and so I’m more tired than anything – but that’s beside the point.

Starting tomorrow is NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. I’m not going to be writing a novel so much as another collection of poems, or two. I hope to finish an Epic I started as a Divine Poetry challenge back in 2015. Three of the six parts are finished, although they need editing, and two of those three are posted here. I might be redefining what makes a ‘part’ of the epic or adding extra parts – the challenge originally called for only six. I won’t be posting the epic here though! Even if I get it all written I don’t want it out and about without editing, plus I plan to make it very long. Right now the three parts are at a word count of almost two thousand. Moth-Like. came to a word count of 9,399 overall without the afterword. I plan for Destiny to be a novel length poem. I also have had on the back burner another novel length poem called Astera that’s been sitting at 1,500 for the last five years… and that’s just the tip of it, the introduction, you could say. But I won’t be looking at Astera for another year or two, sadly.

This coming month I will be posting though! I’m going to be doing three different writing sessions a day – but posting only one. I’ll be working on the epic (if it can be called that), Destiny, as well as writing two stand alone poems of which I’ll choose to post one. It seems like a lot, but I have a lot of fragments for writing laying around and work has finally calmed down some. Plus, late March 2018 I’m moving across country and I want to publish one more book by then. I’ve three different possible book themes drawn up and I need to start making them more solid so that’s part of my NaNo.

I look forward to seeing all of you again and the things I will create! I hope you enjoy the coming month!

Not So Quick Update, but an Update

Moth-Like Cover


First of all, I’m sorry. Things just got a little crazy this month. To make a long story short – I’ve gotta get ready to move across the country. Of course, not immediately, but sooner than I’d expect too. I’ve got roughly eight months to save up for the jump. That seems like a long time, but it’ll pass quickly. The problem naturally is money, because moving isn’t cheap. It cost me around $300 two years ago to move across town to where I am now – and that’s not counting the $2000 I put down for the new apartment.

So I’m saving money, or trying too. It’s tricky saving money with minimum wage, half the time I don’t have enough for food, but luckily my work provides me with free food on break. So it’s not completely terrible. I’m due for a raise, but it won’t be much, maybe not even a dollar. Regardless, I’m having some issues with my current living situation.

Though work is going well, well enough for me to be promoted at the very least, the company I work for has little prudence. To expand upon that, they are digging themselves a hole. Despite many of my workers and my comments about how certain practices are damaging sales and customer retention, our company refuses to change its practices. In the last year we’ve lost thousands of dollars because our branch boss is trying, ironically, to save money. It is only a matter of time before the University cancels our contract and we get laid off. I wish that wasn’t the case, but it really is – two other branches in our state have already lost contract for similar behaviors and our University just got a new President who has begun voicing some complaints. I live in a city, but employment is currently every hard to find. Even with seven years experience in a trained field I could not find work for months. I would rather not have that happen again.

So the kicker is I’m going to publish a few of my books much sooner than expected – I’ve always wanted to publish, so it’s not a complete surprise, but have been worried about my writing not being polished enough. As things are, I have nothing to lose in diving in early. It won’t make a lot, trust me, I know. But this move is important to me, and even if I make $2 that’s more in the savings account then I would’ve had without.

As of this minute, I am almost done with my first collection Moth-Like.. The cover of Moth-Like. is the picture above (or at least the idea for the cover, I haven’t gotten everything %100 set in stone just yet). Right now I’m formatting the eBook and getting the typography set. The manuscript is complete. All the poems and their order is set and ready, I’m just making it legible now. If you’ve been reading and following some of the poems I’ve posted these last… 3ish months a few of them will be appearing in Moth-Like.. Right now there are 62 poems in the collection, roughly half of those have appeared on social media, but not all of them here.

In fact, I never got around to transferring over the second year of Divine Poetry. I know there are some from the first year, but I don’t think they have any views? I posted them to appear in chronological order by their original post date, but that was before I had any followers – so if anyone wants to kill some time I’ve got about 20+ poems hidden in the archives.

Continuing on, Moth-Like. is the first of three collections. I have written 500+ poems since 2012, but my early poems need a lot of editing, and the next two collections draw heavily from those early poems because of their themes. As I would like my readers to have an enjoyable experience and not make them sit through years of cringe worthy work, I’m going to be taking a bit more time getting those out. I also plan to be writing and posting poems here which might slow me down some.

Hopefully, by the end of this month Moth-Like. will be on Amazon, for better or worse. It’s maybe going to be $6-8. I’d like to keep it cheap, but my favorite numbers are 4,6, 8 – so the kindle version is defiantly going to be $4 or less. Moth-Like. will be covering a lot of my more depressing and darker pieces, the quiet ones that is, as the collection is about healing from suicide and dealing with day to day depression. It will be broken into three sections: Cold Night, Lonely, and Bonfire. To give you guys an idea, “Bad Luck” and “Dreaming of Silence” will be in Cold Night. “Flaunting Trauma” and “Cold Lemonade” will be in Lonely. “The Artist I Know” and “What They Need” will be in Bonfire. The end of the collection, Bonfire, will be a slightly more uplifting section – so the entire thing won’t be a complete downer.

The second collection will be, oddly enough, love and romance themed – but not in the traditional sense, I suppose. “Falsely Beat“, “Sunsplit Busted Lip“, “All the Little Hurts“, and “Self-Love” will be in this collection. It is equally about the lack of romance and healthy forms of love as it is about development and finding of them. The title and sections are still to be decided, but I am leaning towards something flowery, like roses. It may be that each section is named by a genius of rose. That’s all I’ve got for now.

Thank you for reading all this. I hate that I promised to post only to back out and then drop all this out of no where. I’m excited, but also tired. I hope that this makes up for it, even if just a little. I want to give everyone something beautiful, though I admit, I have a strange sense of that word.

Just a Quick Update

I’m sorry – I planned to post at least once a day, but due to some unexpected problems I rarely have the time and quiet to sit down. Hopefully things calm down and I can have a little time to sit back and play around with words.

I know it might sound vague, I just don’t generally talk about life directly for better or worse. Things aren’t terrible, just… uncomfortable. It’s just bit of a hiccup.

Quick update!

I’m back! Tomorrow I start publishing here daily again – this month I’ll be using Merriam-Webster word of the day for inspiration. I might be a little slow this coming Sunday (two days from now for me), mainly because I’ll be heading to families for a week and it’s a few hours drive. I would like to say my month off has been full of joyous rest, but that’s never the case with life. It happens though. We move on and overcome in time.

I look forward to annoying all my followers one day and email at a time!