GloPoWriMo – Day Fourteen – ‘You Dreamed of a Rowboat’

For day fourteen the prompt was to write a fake dream dictionary entry for a set of nouns. I picked rowboat because, well, why not.

‘You Dreamed of A Rowboat’


To dream you are in a rowboat symbolize
You are feeling stuck on top of a body of your emotions,
Rowing above them you cannot escape, the waves
Will try and dictate your actions, you can only
Push and pull yourself along in attempt to leave,
Finding reason and land. If you dream you are on the sea
There is very little you can do but drown.
If you are beached on land, yet sit rowing regardless,
Then maybe you ought to drown.

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GloPoWriMo – Day Thirteen – ‘Milk’

The prompt for day thirteen of GloPoWriMo was to write a poem in which you turn a common phrase or idiom on its head.


Don’t cry over split milk,
But do bitch over it instead.
It’s therapeutic and only natural
-The world is full of woe and trouble
And we can’t ever fix it all, but
We can bitch about split milk
As we watch the cup begin to fall.

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GloPoWriMo – Day Twelve – ‘The Yoshino Cherry Tree’

The prompt for day twelve of GloPoWriMo was to write a haibun about the natural landscape in the place I live. Prior to writing this I honestly didn’t know what the tree was called, but google saved the day.


‘The Yoshino Cherry Tree’

The nights are still cool, though most of the local flowers have bloomed. The spring storms have pasted early, and soon we found ourselves walking every night up the hill to the church. There are trees full of flowers despite their age all down the street and up the thick grassy hill to the little red bricked building. I don’t know their names but I always see

White flowers bursting
Under the street lamps, tonight
The trees glow hallowed.

The nights are almost perfect for sitting in the pavilion – to talk outside of the house, not walling ourselves in anymore. Sitting tranquil beside family and friends, something else sits with us unnamed and wildly content. In time though we stand up and go back down the hill to home, alone.



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GloPoWriMo – Day Eight – ‘The Card Reader’

Today’s prompt for GloPoWriMo was to write a poem in which mysterious and magical things occur. This one was quite fun to write and I hope you all enjoy it!
In a few days (possible even tomorrow) a new chapbook of poetry, Simple Acrostics of Silly Desperation, will be up on Amazon! It is exactly what it sounds like.


‘The Card Reader’

You came to me, you all do,
Asking question after question:
Will I find love?
Will I find money?
Do they love me? Can you make them?
How will I die?
What should I do?

Nobody ever asks what Gods dream of-
Their eyes slowly blinking closed,
Whole years just drowsy heartbeats,
Falling into sleep eventually
For an eternity or two.
Nobody asks who or if they love.

You come to me with fists and hearts
Clenched and full, looking for answers to questions
We all already know.
Pay me money for lies, a solid twenty for a cozy time.
I’ll play with cards.
I’ll play with crystals.
I’ll play with you.

And when i close shop, turn the lights off,
Lock up, and head home, and blink back slowly
At the large eyes in the night sky.
I leave and leave to go to sleep for a gentle eternity.


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GloPoWriMo – Day Four – ‘Restless Writing’

Sorry for the late post! Yesterdays prompt for GloPoWriMo was to write a poem about an abstract idea in concrete nouns. I wanted to do something with the feeling of restless energy, or being in a writers block. I hope you guys enjoy it!


‘Restless Writing’

We spent the days waiting on the porch
In front yard for night to show us its stars.
We spent and wasted the afternoon’s scorch
Tapping toes and shuffling old, bent cards.

But the days all dragged and passed slowly on
While the busy bus stop, clogged with traffic,
Chopped out a noise quiet unlike any song.
I waited through it all and wrote it holographic-

I waited, toes tapping, pen clicking, painting
Night fall on notebook paper – Words stored inside
Myself for so long, and through it all I was feigning
Something. It was a mess and a half, something beside

The cat meowing in the kitchen ready for dinner time.
I spent the day, the weeks, wasting time and being flustered.
Watching the sun drop in the sky, I tried to make it rhyme
With words and feelings that my soul barely just heard.


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Unprompted – ‘Good Morning’

So I was planing to resume posting at least weekly like… a month or two ago, but then I got double pneumonia and work went a little crazy. I’m moving in about a month so I don’t know how active I’ll be – but hopefully I’ll pick back up again!

‘Good Morning’

Good morning,
It is dead silent and still dark outside
With all the cars sleeping in their spots,
Owners going slow in sleep without them,
Or in dreams going fast without them.

A stray cat is watching me watch him
Blinks, turns around, and carries on
His morning routine, and
I turn in time to carry on my own
Another step, walking, again, continuing.

It is uncanny and warm,
An oddly comforting dark February morning
With the moon contemplating it’s long shift
Watching over all the little things
We have built and become below it.

I step out into the street
As I do every morning at four am,
Drowsy and half stuck in some dream,
I step out and stop half across
Wondering if the car lights will catch me.


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Unprompted – Making Art

Let’s start the year off with writer’s block. It’s usual a blessing in disguise because if I wasn’t questioning my ability to write before, then I sure am now. It’s not as bad as it was though – for a solid month now I haven’t been able to really get anything on paper that I liked. I didn’t want to share or post pieces I didn’t enjoy on the premise nobody probably would enjoy them. I’ve a lot of editing ahead of me, that’s for sure.


‘Making Art’

Nothing quite flows easily tonight
But everything comes to together
In time, in tired, long awaited time.

Whether it’s weaving or writing,
Art begins first as a dream, drawn out
It becomes something a little more-

But also something a little less perfect than
The dream it originally was dreamed,
Such is reality with all its law abiding imperfections.

I’ve got stories in my head, pictures in my eyes,
And yet I cannot get it just right in the moment
My pencil touches down, and it’s more than frustrating.

The simple amount of time it takes
Almost isn’t worth it, a skill of endless possibilities
Taking endless patience and more than endless practice.

It feels unfair, because it feels just right there
On the tips of my fingers and tongue, waiting for me
To do something with it other than spend long nights blankly.


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Unprompted – ‘A Taste of Life’

A quick post for today, I finally finished this little piece after sitting on it for over a year. Hope you enjoy!

‘A Taste of Life’

In adulthood I have learned
To love the taste of many things.
Black coffee and cold tea, both
Sitting, waiting on my desk for me.

Alcohol sweet and burning,
Greeting me as welcome its fire
In the back of my throat
After a long exhausting day full of life.

And the world, oh the world I have tasted
In all it’s seasons, phases of growth and decay.
Sweet and ripe summer, chilly crisp winter,
The clouds, the air, the sunshine all on my lips.

I have learned to love the taste of life.
With my tongue, my teeth – gorging myself
On my memories, bright candy like fragments,
And rotten, half chewed stories spanning years.

I have learned the taste of so many things,
Happiness, inspiration, disappointment, and fear.
I have tried to eat all of them at least once-
I have swallowed sadness and pride.

I’ve tasted my remorse and salty tears.
I have ate everything I have dared to eat-
Even love, but I found it was too bitter
Or maybe it was too sweet for me.

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NaNoWriMo – ‘Multidimensional Love’

Sorry in advance for any formatting errors! I’m having to type this on my phone as I’m traveling.


‘Multidimensional Love’

I am a creator of many worlds,
Is it incumbent upon myself that
I treat them all with love.

They are my scars, whole valleys
Baring the lives of thousands I will
Never fully know.

They are my lashes, my hair,
My nails, things that are apart of me,
Yet I am so quick to lose unknowingly.

Whole worlds die and live on my skin,
Little villages, colonies, nations,
And many more inside of me will thrive.

My fantasies are alive, multiple personalities
Branching off of a single curious whim, acted
Out in walking and sleeping dreams.

Tell me, why I cannot love them? Why should
I not love them? Them in all their horrors
And grace – them existing in me.

It’s magic, it’s witchcraft, its power in basic
Realization that I am more than me,
I am beyond a single being.



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Daily Card Pull – 4 of Cups – ‘Tea Apathy’

It’s been a day. A very, very chaotic day – neither good nor bad, just.. busy. Today’s card of the day was the 4 of Cups, a card warning against apathy, disconnectedness, and contemplating too much on things – an accurate warning for me today.


‘Tea Apathy’

Busted knuckles match the pink and red
Flowers floating on the china of my cup-
A nice honeyed cup of lavender and Earl Grey
For when my days become a little too fucked up.

It’s a nice cup, solid but never stays hot enough.
I always forget it to the point of near cold, lukewarm,
With a bitter aftertaste because I left the leaves in to burn,
Again, I left the to burn while I lost myself in another brainstorm.

Look at this cup, arching handle to meet my hand,
Blushes of flowers, stems, and leaves – a life of peace.
I’m going to make it empty, look at me as I make it empty.
Heartbeat to heartbreak, swallowing to smothering.
Watch the time lapse between the tea cooling and souring and me
Sitting apathetic to what’s inside or out, far-eyed and wondering.



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