NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-Seven – ‘A Monday Day’

For day twenty-seven we were given the prompt to use the tarot as a jumping point for inspiration. I used my daily tarot card to write this one (I couldn’t pick a card at will, I’m too indecisive). My card was the 7 of Wands, a card meaning perseverance, defensiveness, and maintaining control.


‘A Monday Day’

It’s been rough, like all the stars aligned
All at once to say loudly and clearly
Fuck You.

It has been a Monday sort of week,
All the days are Mondays and
I work the weekend too-

So I’m drinking coffee for breakfast.
Coffee for lunch and dinner, coffee like it’s
A miracle food that will get me through.

One day it’s going to be another Monday,
The last, first, and only Monday in the week.
Until then I’m just doing what I’ve got to do.



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NaPoWriMo – Day Twenty-One – ‘Narcissus’

The prompt for Day 21 was to write a poem based on the myth of Narcissus. Surprisingly this was harder to write than I had imagined, it actually put me a little behind in getting caught up. I’ve got multiple versions of it, but the mood all seemed wrong. Anyway, here it is! (Below the poem I also have an update on my latest publishing project.)



They told him to settle
His petaled heart for dill,
Anise, Cumin, earthy herbs
That work, work hard and well
But lack beauty.

His family was a bouquet of Daffodils
What more did you expect, he was born
Able to love himself above everything else-
Yet still pinned helplessly at his reflection.

We are told love yourself, but settle
For Johns, Daniels, Adams or any
Man with a ring, find an earthy home,
But keep your eyes on the mirror.


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GloPoWriMo – Day Nineteen – ‘Get Gone and Back Home’

Day nineteen challenged us to write a poem via word banks and/or word erasure methods. I chose to use directions from one home to another.

‘Get Gone and Back Home’

Open my bedroom door
Make a left down the hallway
To the little living room.
Upon reaching the front door
Step out and on to little porch
Go forward, leave the yard,
Hit the road and make a right.
Keep going straight, up the hill,
Past the red brick church at the end
Of the road, make another right
Eventually you’ll run right into Charlotte.
Keep going forward, eventually you’ll leave.
At some point you’ll hit the state line
I suggest crossing it into Tennessee.
Drive for a few hours, drive for twelve hours,
Get yourself to Arkansas,
Get gone and back home.

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GloPoWriMo – Day Seventeen – ‘And He Did, Twice’

The prompt for day seventeen was to write a poem that retells a family anecdote. This is a funny little story about my grandfather and the type of man he is…

‘And He Did, Twice’

There is a road
A hundred and seventy-six
Miles long, no gas station stops,
Just the car, the plains, the mountains
Steadily running through the back end
Of empty Oregon farm land and forest.

My grandfather loves a challenge,
Or he’s just dumb,
My grandmother has no problem telling you,
Because not once, but three different times
He turned down that road willingly with half a tank
Swearing he could make it.


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GloPoWriMo – Day Fourteen – ‘You Dreamed of a Rowboat’

For day fourteen the prompt was to write a fake dream dictionary entry for a set of nouns. I picked rowboat because, well, why not.

‘You Dreamed of A Rowboat’


To dream you are in a rowboat symbolize
You are feeling stuck on top of a body of your emotions,
Rowing above them you cannot escape, the waves
Will try and dictate your actions, you can only
Push and pull yourself along in attempt to leave,
Finding reason and land. If you dream you are on the sea
There is very little you can do but drown.
If you are beached on land, yet sit rowing regardless,
Then maybe you ought to drown.

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GloPoWriMo – Day Thirteen – ‘Milk’

The prompt for day thirteen of GloPoWriMo was to write a poem in which you turn a common phrase or idiom on its head.


Don’t cry over split milk,
But do bitch over it instead.
It’s therapeutic and only natural
-The world is full of woe and trouble
And we can’t ever fix it all, but
We can bitch about split milk
As we watch the cup begin to fall.

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GloPoWriMo – Day Twelve – ‘The Yoshino Cherry Tree’

The prompt for day twelve of GloPoWriMo was to write a haibun about the natural landscape in the place I live. Prior to writing this I honestly didn’t know what the tree was called, but google saved the day.


‘The Yoshino Cherry Tree’

The nights are still cool, though most of the local flowers have bloomed. The spring storms have pasted early, and soon we found ourselves walking every night up the hill to the church. There are trees full of flowers despite their age all down the street and up the thick grassy hill to the little red bricked building. I don’t know their names but I always see

White flowers bursting
Under the street lamps, tonight
The trees glow hallowed.

The nights are almost perfect for sitting in the pavilion – to talk outside of the house, not walling ourselves in anymore. Sitting tranquil beside family and friends, something else sits with us unnamed and wildly content. In time though we stand up and go back down the hill to home, alone.



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GloPoWriMo – Day Eight – ‘The Card Reader’

Today’s prompt for GloPoWriMo was to write a poem in which mysterious and magical things occur. This one was quite fun to write and I hope you all enjoy it!
In a few days (possible even tomorrow) a new chapbook of poetry, Simple Acrostics of Silly Desperation, will be up on Amazon! It is exactly what it sounds like.


‘The Card Reader’

You came to me, you all do,
Asking question after question:
Will I find love?
Will I find money?
Do they love me? Can you make them?
How will I die?
What should I do?

Nobody ever asks what Gods dream of-
Their eyes slowly blinking closed,
Whole years just drowsy heartbeats,
Falling into sleep eventually
For an eternity or two.
Nobody asks who or if they love.

You come to me with fists and hearts
Clenched and full, looking for answers to questions
We all already know.
Pay me money for lies, a solid twenty for a cozy time.
I’ll play with cards.
I’ll play with crystals.
I’ll play with you.

And when i close shop, turn the lights off,
Lock up, and head home, and blink back slowly
At the large eyes in the night sky.
I leave and leave to go to sleep for a gentle eternity.


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GloPoWriMo – Day Four – ‘Restless Writing’

Sorry for the late post! Yesterdays prompt for GloPoWriMo was to write a poem about an abstract idea in concrete nouns. I wanted to do something with the feeling of restless energy, or being in a writers block. I hope you guys enjoy it!


‘Restless Writing’

We spent the days waiting on the porch
In front yard for night to show us its stars.
We spent and wasted the afternoon’s scorch
Tapping toes and shuffling old, bent cards.

But the days all dragged and passed slowly on
While the busy bus stop, clogged with traffic,
Chopped out a noise quiet unlike any song.
I waited through it all and wrote it holographic-

I waited, toes tapping, pen clicking, painting
Night fall on notebook paper – Words stored inside
Myself for so long, and through it all I was feigning
Something. It was a mess and a half, something beside

The cat meowing in the kitchen ready for dinner time.
I spent the day, the weeks, wasting time and being flustered.
Watching the sun drop in the sky, I tried to make it rhyme
With words and feelings that my soul barely just heard.


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Unprompted – ‘Good Morning’

So I was planing to resume posting at least weekly like… a month or two ago, but then I got double pneumonia and work went a little crazy. I’m moving in about a month so I don’t know how active I’ll be – but hopefully I’ll pick back up again!

‘Good Morning’

Good morning,
It is dead silent and still dark outside
With all the cars sleeping in their spots,
Owners going slow in sleep without them,
Or in dreams going fast without them.

A stray cat is watching me watch him
Blinks, turns around, and carries on
His morning routine, and
I turn in time to carry on my own
Another step, walking, again, continuing.

It is uncanny and warm,
An oddly comforting dark February morning
With the moon contemplating it’s long shift
Watching over all the little things
We have built and become below it.

I step out into the street
As I do every morning at four am,
Drowsy and half stuck in some dream,
I step out and stop half across
Wondering if the car lights will catch me.


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